Our strengths: over 25 years experience in this domain, always heading to break the glass ceiling!

We are flexible and can manage your Projects from A-Z or modular.

Our core business: B2B and private events

Our approach

Flexible: from A-Z or modular event type (B2B, private events, wedding planning ...)

Type of events:

  • Event Management
  • Project Briefing
  • Budget Management
  • Liaison with suppliers
  • Venue recommendations / Site inspections
  • Hotel bookings / contracts
  • Event / Meeting programs
  • Catering
  • Social events


What people say about us

Mr Rudy Neefs

Director Corporate Security EMEA & APAC at Tech Data, Belgium

“I have worked with many Event Managers over the past several years, and Ariane stands head and shoulders over most, demonstrating initiative, intelligence and creativity. Her intellect is matched by her ability to communicate clearly, and to project an open, friendly persona to others regardless of their level of expertise. Ariane’s excellent communication skills, positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance her natural leadership qualities. Her willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable her to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping customers solve difficult problems, demonstrating a continuing deep commitment.”

Mr Wim Abraham

Director Services at OneSpan, Belgium

“I worked with Ariane for several years as Event Manager. She’s a true professional when it comes down to organizing all kinds of event, ranging from seminars, workshops, trainings, summits, tradeshows etc. Using a pragmatic, creative approach, she’ll organize every practical detail of the event, allowing customers to focus on their job, and maintains a close eye on planning and budget.”

Mr Juergen Zielke

Regional Leader LATAM & META at Philips IGT-D International, Germany

““I worked with Ariane for 3 years in Volcano (Philips) and always received the final result in a professional way. As absolutely remarkable, I remember the organisation and execution of the European sales meetings with over 100 participants. Ariane managed this in a one woman show, absolutely perfect and with a lot of ambitions. She solved every individual problem in a way every participant had the feeling Ariane took care of him/her. I recommend her as a professional with huge experience in this area.””

Mr Johan Vandenberghe

Sales Manager EMEA, Defense, Esterline Advanced Displays, Belgium

“Ariane has the art of understanding the market and preparing the events in line with the company expectations. The organisation of her events was each time and energy push for our sales force and it also brought our company to the next level of brand recognition.”